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Adtall provides you options to create Banner, Interstitial or Text Ads campaigns based Pay Per Click (PPC) / Cost Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Mille (CPM) pricing models to generate top quality leads to your websites, products and services. Your ads will be served in our premium publisher network thereby ensuring widespread reach for your online businesses.

Attract new customers by advertising through us. With Adtall, you can advertise in a variety of formats and sizes with Banner, Interstitial and/or Text Ads. Our system supports all industry standard banner dimensions. You can control the target audience of your ads by configuring as many keywords as required. You may target your ads worldwide or filter traffic to your ads by specifying geographical targeting.

Advertising at Adtall

  • Create Text Or Banner Ads

  • Keyword & Geographic Targeting

  • Increase In Leads

The click bid rates can individually be configured for ads and keywords according to your budget. You have option to use your choice rates or apply the rate suggested by our system. Our system allows you to control the ad clicks per day with your daily budget. Ad display can be paused and resumed at your convenience. Tracking your ad performance could not be easier with the advanced reports provided by our system for different time periods. The reports provide information about your top performing keywords as well as geographical locations.

With PPC campaign option, you only need to when someone clicks on your ads. Adtall provides a highly cost effective advertising solution which ensures that you are paying only for genuine visitors to your websites. With CPM campaign option, you still enjoy the performance since we keenly monitor our publishers and their websites where your ads are being displayed.

Our ad-serving technology is equipped with sophisticated and efficient fraud tracking mechanisms which detect, prevent and reverse all kinds of automated and invalid click attempts. In all, we guarantee optimum performance for your campaigns to ensure profitable returns over your advertising investments. It is our utmost priority that all your advertising spending are worthwhile.

We provide multiple payment options to fund your advertising account. You can make payments using fast and secure PayPal or 2CO gateway as well as bank or check payments. With our advertiser-publisher joint account, you can transfer funds from your publisher account. History of your payments can be tracked easily from your account.

In summary, here are some of the key benefits of advertising through us: Banner, Interstitial or Text Ads; Performance-based PPC/CPC and CPM Campaigns; Desktop or Mobile Platform; Keyword, Category, County and Device Targeting; $10 Minimum Deposit; PayPal, 2Co, and Stripe Payments (Bank Transfer acceptable from Nigerian Advertisers using exchange rate); and Advanced Fraud Detection.

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